Talks are given by Koun every time we meet, with time after for questions and group discussion. 

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What is Nyoho?

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

A somewhat technical talk on the teaching of nyoho, or "being in accord with the dharma" (Koun's blog is Nyoho Zen at October 9, 2019

All (My) Past and Harmful Karma

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

How do we hold everything that's wrong—not just what we've done, but what everyone has done? Repentance and vow come from the same understanding, that we're responsible for every single bit of it. September 29, 2018

Let Go of Inspiration

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

We all want to be inspired, but inspiration can only get us so far. What do we feel, beyond inspiration, that drives us? September 18, 2018

Reality is a Fabrication

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

We know there's delusion, but what do we think we see if we see completely past delusion? Layer after layer, it's still our own creation. What do we do with that? September 11, 2018

Why Do We Practice?

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

Why do we practice? Why do we gather in this way, sit in this way? Why do any of it? It starts with not knowing why. September 4, 2018