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    News • Nov 30, 2018

    We're happy to announce that starting Tuesday, December 4th, ZNS will meet in a new location, one that is fully accessible. With elevators, a more central location, and increased floor space, this is an important step in allowing our community to grow.

    Address: 5670 Spring Garden Rd, Suite 902 (Atlantic Contemplative Centre)

    Start time: 6:45pm (the building's outer doors will be locked from 7pm, so please try to come on time)

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  • One-day Sitting: Saturday, December 1

    News • Nov 28, 2018

    Please join us Saturday, Dec. 1 for a day of zazen, ceremony, and community. Lunch is provided; there is no fee to attend.

    817 Herring Cove Rd., 9am-5pm. All are welcome.

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  • All (My) Past and Harmful Karma

    Talks • Sep 30, 2018

    How do we hold everything that's wrong—not just what we've done, but what everyone has done? Repentance and vow come from the same understanding, that we're responsible for every single bit of it. September 29, 2018

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