One-day Retreat Saturday, July 21

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Please join us on Saturday, July 21 for a day of sitting, chanting, teachings, and community. All are welcome, newcomers included. Lunch will be provided.

One-Day Sitting - May 19, 2018

Posted on Apr 12, 2018

Please join us at the temple on Herring Cove Rd. on May 19, 9am - 5pm for a day of meditation and community. Lunch will be provided. All are welcome.

In February: Actualizing the Fundamental Point

Posted on Jan 19, 2018

Please join us in February as we take up and in-depth look at a basic text, Dogen's Genjokoan, sometimes translated as "Actualizing the Fundamental Point." Same day, same time, same place, but more discussion and more room for questions. The material is dense, but expect this to be fun. (The text will be available from the first night.)